10 Tricks to Speed up Android

Has your Android phone been lagging lately? Are you very annoyed over the slow responses and want to do something about it? Don’t make a hasty move of spending money on a new device just yet. Before you make any decision, check out these ten tricks to speed up Android devices.


  1. Update your phone

Update your phone

The first trick you should roll up your sleeves is updating your device. Updating the software whenever a new update arrives is vital for the smooth functioning of your phone. Android comes up with a more recent version, a patch, updated UI skin, or new bug fixes. Checking for Google Play services and specific app updates is also a great way of enhancing the user experience.


  1. Get a customized ROM installed on your phone

Get a customized ROM installed on your phone

Sometimes due to a lack of device updates from either your carrier or Google, the processor becomes slow. In this situation, installing a custom ROM will help your phone perform faster and make your Android jump to the newest version. Despite being a great option to speed up Android, this procedure comes with some risk. The possibility of your phone bricking is very high.


  1. Enable Force GPU rendering

Enable Force GPU rendering

What you need to do for this trick is force GPU rendering on your phone. Enabling this option will allow your phone to use a graphics processing unit (GPU) rather than rendering from other software. This is a fantastic way of speeding up UI rendering, creating space for your CPU, and improving the animation quality.


  1. Disable background services for unnecessary apps

Disable background services for unnecessary apps

Some apps always run in the background without any purpose. Disallowing app permissions from automatically running in the background helps a lot to speed up Android devices. You can disable Background Services for individual apps from the “Background Check” option provided in your phone settings.


  1. Empty out your cached data

Empty out your cached data

Apps and websites store cache data and speed up your browsing experience. But most of the time, cache data takes up unnecessary space on your phone. Whenever a specific app or website collects enormous cached data, navigate to the app storage and clear cache. This trick can speed up Android phones for sure.


  1. Enable the Data Saver mode

Enable the Data Saver mode

The “Data Saver” mode on Google Chrome is a fantastic option to make your browsing experience faster. Activating this mode will make your pages load quicker by compressing them and enabling lesser use of data. You may find this option in the Settings menu of Chrome. You should know, this option compresses the picture quality, so if you can compromise on that, go ahead with it.


  1. Turn off the Auto-Sync

Turn off the Auto-Sync

Auto-sync is a feature that most modern Androids phones have. This feature syncs your app data continuously, which can sometimes slow down your phone. You can turn this off from the Accounts section in your Settings menu. However, please don’t rely on this trick unless you’re using it for an old device dedicated only to gaming or browsing.


  1. Keep away from task killers

Task killers help your phone close the apps running in the background, promising you better battery life and increased performance. But this is not true since Android devices can already manage their memory. Restarting apps from scratch uses more batter than opening an already running app.


  1. Reduce animation

Another way to speed up Android is by reducing the time for transitions in your phone. To reduce or disable the animation scale, go to settings and continuously tap on the Build Number section. This will make Developer Options appear, and you can choose whichever speed suits you best.


  1. Restore factory settings

Restore factory settings

Tried all of the above tricks but still not sure? This is the last option left for you – restore factory settings on your device. Remember, this is a drastic step, but it will ensure clearing up all the unwanted junk. Performing factory restoration will definitely speed up Android, as it is a tried and tested method by many.



Every phone starts to slow down with time. But using a slow responding device is a frustrating thing in this modern age. Hopefully, the tricks we’ve mentioned will make your phone run smoothly. And may you no longer wait for moments after every swipe or tap!

Written by Sabri Jrsab

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