How to use Shazam App on a PC

Shazam is a music and media recognition application. It can identify the song, artist, and album for a digital audio file or live audio feed.

With Shazam installed on your computer, you can use it to identify songs playing nearby. You can also use it to find out what song is playing on the radio or TV show that you are watching.

The music recognition site Shazam has just unveiled a new extension for the Chrome browser. With this new tool, music lovers will be able to easily identify a song or music on their computer without having to take out their smartphone. Here’s how to use it.

Shazam App on a PC

Identify songs from a PC or a Mac

With this new service, you can now run the app on your computer. Not just on your phone. Imagine you are watching a movie or a video on YouTube and suddenly you hear a beautiful song in the background that you would like to know the title of.

In such a situation, the first reflex is to rush to your smartphone, unlock the screen and launch the Shazam application. To do this, you need to be quick and make sure your headphones are not connected to your computer. This is where the Shazam extension for Chrome comes in.

This website’s mission is to identify the music found in tabs within Chrome, irrespective of the platform (YouTube, websites, social networks, video games, etc.). It has never been easier to identify music on the internet.

How to Install and configure the Shazam app on a PC


The application is now available on PC and Mac as an extension for all Chrome browsers.

1) Launch the Chrome browser

2) Click or copy this link to go directly to the Shazam extension page

3) Click on the blue Add to Chrome button located in the upper right corner of the screen

4) Once you’ve installed the extension, don’t forget to pin it to your browser’s toolbar for easy access

How to use Shazam on your computer


1) Play a song or video that contains music

2) Stay on the tab that plays the sound you want to identify

3) Click on the Shazam icon in the toolbar

4) A pop-up window will open in the upper corner of the window

5) Click on the large Shazam button to start the music recognition process

6) Once the song is recognized, the extension will display a link to listen to the entire song on Apple Music

Final Words

Thanks to the Shazam extension you can keep track of all the songs you identify. You also have access to the history directly from the extension’s icon in your browser toolbar.

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