How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire

Free Fire has recently become a growing obsession among a large chunk of mobile gamers in the world. The players’ hype for this game mostly has to do with the stirring content updates that Garena’s developers have released. Along with access to a vast collection of characters, players can also choose weapon skins, pets, costumes and emotes.

This means that you get the endless opportunity for customizing the characters adding up to the excitement of playing the game.

When it comes to unlocking the content of the game, there are essentially two ways. One is by completing the missions during a regular play, and the other is by using Diamonds which is an in-game currency for premium plays at Free Fire.

Buying a good number of Diamonds can be slightly expensive, but if you’re ready to save some money, here’s how you can!

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Report Bugs

Before releasing the latest updates to the global servers, Garena does a trial by testing them out in the Advance Server. You can enroll yourself to play on the Advance Server and help playtest the initial builds of the newest version of the game. The developers will take your feedback which will help them identify and fix all the bugs before releasing the updates.

When you give your feedback and report bugs to Garena in the Advance Server build, it offers a good deal of Diamond rewards worth thousands! The only catch to playing in the Advance Server is that you can’t just sign up and get access. Garena gets to decide who can play. Also, only Android users can play on this server (sorry iOS users!).


Redeem Giveaway Codes

Redeeming a giveaway code is the easiest trick of getting free Diamonds on Free Fire. However, these codes are time-limited, and so you need to be on top of your game in finding new codes. You simply have to head over to Free Fire’s official website and redeem the codes. The reward, once redeemed, will be instantly sent to your Free Fire account.


Win Content Creator Giveaway

A lot of Youtubers and Twitch content creators are part of Free Fire’s community and constantly organize giveaways for their followers. These giveaways sometimes also include free Diamonds. Keep your eye on these creators’ social media handles and participate in those opportunities to get your hands on exciting gifts.


Buy VIP Subscription

Buying a VIP membership is one of the most effective ways of getting free Diamonds on Free Fire. Of course, this method will cost you some bucks, but it isn’t exactly like buying Diamonds, which are technically more expensive.

  • Weekly VIP Membership

This plan gives you initially gives you 100 Diamonds and extra 60 diamonds every day for the next 7 days. You’ll also receive a Silver VIP Card icon for a week.

  • Monthly VIP Membership

With this plan, you get 100 Diamonds at first and 60 every day for 30 days straight. This monthly plan, which also gives you a Gold VIP Card icon, costs only $8.

Written by Sabri Jrsab

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