Top 10 Best Free Fitness Apps For Android

No man has ever regretted working out. There isn’t anything better you can do for your body other than taking care of it. That is by getting and staying in shape and keeping bad things at bay such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and the like. Working out also helps build good things such as stamina, muscle, etc.


If you have an android and are concerned about your well-being, this article is just right for you. Here are our 10 best free fitness apps for Android with download links in the app titles.


  1. Pedometer


Pedometer is one of the best free fitness apps for Android, which totals your steps in a day. It tells you how many calories you have burnt accurately based on your age, weight, gender, length of steps. But for the app to record, you will need to carry along your Smartphone.



  • Secure with lesser private information
  • Maintains privacy by recording only your steps



  • Less information can still be a threat to privacy.


  1. Google Fit

Google Fit

This app helps you record your fitness activities like cycling, walking, running, spinning, etc. You can keep track of year progress by daily goal-setting based on how many calories you burn, distances, and duration. The best part is you can sync it with your smartwatch.



  • Automatic tracking of activities.
  • Records heart rate and weight



  • It doesn’t record sleep time
  • No feature for calorie log


  1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most famous free fitness apps for Android and a top-rated workout app. Its database has over 6 million various foods to track your calories. You have to type in the food you are eating to check calorie consumption. This feature helps in losing, maintaining, and gaining weight.



  • User-friendly
  • A huge database of food items
  • Various options of food measurement



  • Often underestimates calorie needs
  • Inaccurate with weight gain and loss predictions


  1. Map My Run

Map My Run

It does what it says, records your running, and maps it. Besides running, it keeps a log of other activities like walking, cycling, workouts, yoga, cross-fit, and many more. You can get feedback on your run through audio, and the app lets you control music and phone calls directly.



  • Activity log to help you share your achievements
  • Log record range up to 600 workout activities
  • Audio coaching through the MVP program
  • Statistics on the workout



  • It cannot monitor heart-rate
  • Not user friendly


  1. Runtastic


If you are an avid runner, this app is for you. It has a Voice Coach to provide you audio feedback on your progress with your running patterns and statistics. You can also set goals and achieve your running targets. The app allows you to share your progress on Twitter and Facebook.



  • Intelligent Voice Coach feature
  • An online community to share and discuss running aspects
  • Acts as a workout diary



  • Other great features need in-app purchases to unlock
  • Requires various permissions while subscribing


  1. Argus


Argus is one of those free fitness apps for Android that you can use for monitoring heart-rate, sleep, calories, to name a few. The app gives you challenges to fulfill, or you may also make your workout regime. You may need to enter food items manually to count calories.



  • Leverage to set goals on walking steps, calorie intake, water intake.
  • Challenge a friend feature to compete for walking steps
  • It allows you to scan barcodes



  • Some features need purchase
  • The subscription comes at a price


  1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

This app offers several workout videos of 30-45 minute duration. They provide a proper form for exercises and provide suggestions depending on individual goals. The expert advice and recommended exercises help the user be on track with their regime.



  • Varied choices of workouts
  • Clear instructions on workout execution
  • Reminder setting feature to stay on track



  • The app tends to freeze, leading to restarting workouts
  • Focuses on women fitness only more


  1. FitnessBuilder


This app has a workout inventory to guide you at the gym. The videos are easy to follow with over 400 routines of workout. It also offers a tracker to record and show your body stats. However, the app needs account creation to use the videos and fitness plans.



  • Variety in workout regimes
  • Fitness plans forms structure your workout programs



  • It takes multiple steps to go to the home screen


  1. Runkeeper


Runkeeper uses GPS on the phone to record your running distance and pace. It helps in goal-setting and following plans along with customized routines according to your lifestyle. The stopwatch feature for cardio activities indoors is an added feature. With this app, you can record various fitness activities and create challenges to compete with friends and share your achievements.



  • Accurate tracking of movements
  • Goal-setting feature
  • Rewards with milestones fulfillment
  • Allows mapping routes



  • Calories tend to be inaccurate
  • It can do better with the social feature or online community


  1. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer

This app contains thousands of workouts to help achieve fitness goals. As the name suggests, it provides you a trainer to guide you via photos, videos, and audio. It is an ideal app if you don’t like using the equipment.



  • Availability of both free and premium training routines
  • PRO+ membership comes with added features



  • App crashes often and can get slow
  • Require purchase of programs even after membership

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