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What is Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools

The primary aim of Android Multi tools is to help you retrieve your forgotten password or PIN to reaccess your Android device by unlocking the screen. Thus, the app is referred to as the one-stop solution to all Android-related issues.

Besides helping users to retrieve lost passwords, Android Multi Tools enables users to reset a new password or create other security measures such as facial lock, pattern, PIN, etc.

As the very name suggests, Android Multi Tools is a multi-tasker. The app can carry out the following tasks seamlessly:

  • It is an app used to help users retrieve a forgotten password.
  • It can help users reset their Android device’s PIN, pattern lock, or password without asking for the previous password.
  • It can help users to reset their Gmail account.
  • Can wipe off huge data and cache files at an excellent speed.
  • Provides information on software and Hardware
  • Carries out a periodic reboot of the device to get the device running smoothly.


What are the requirements for having an Android Multi Tools?

To use the app, users must:

  • Have a good internet facility to download and install tools.
  • Have a working USB cable.
  • PCs should have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.


Features of Android Multi Tools

Here are the following features:

  • Check Device

The check device will inspect if you can successfully connect your Android device to your laptop or desktop.

  • Reset PIN and gesture or face lock

It helps users reset their passwords, pattern, or PINs on their Android devices during emergencies. Additionally, you can reset your face lock without having to lose any of your files.

  • Helps to reset user’s Gmail account

If you have deleted or removed your Gmail account from your device due to a password issue, you can restore and reset your account using this app.

  • The wipe data option

The app lets you wipe all your files, such as your contacts, apps, photos, etc. You do not require a password to wipe data on your Android device.

  • Reboot

This option is used for rebooting your device to enhance your device’s performance.

  • The Fastboot options

With Android Multi tools, you have the option to check your internet connection on fast boot. Additionally, you can clean cache data or files on fast boot. For both these two applications, it is not required to set a password.

  • If you wish to exit the fast boot menu, click on the Exit Fastboot Mode.


Besides these features, there are other features under the respective alphabets:

  1. If you wish to go back to the main menu, use the ‘Go to’ command prompt so that you can be directed into the DOS command.
  2. You can click on ‘Software info’ for any required app updates.
  3. With the ‘Hardware info,’ you can make sure that your device’s Hardware, such as the touchscreen, camera, etc., is performing well.

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Android Multi Tools is thus an excellent tool that can give you all the benefits of using an android device.

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